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Tunnel Furnace And Its Characteristics

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Tunnel Furnace (Food processing Class) is through the heat conduction, convection, radiation to complete food baking tunnel-type mechanical equipment. The oven body is generally very long, the smallest 6 meters, long to 60~80 meters. The baking room is a long narrow tunnel with a width generally 80cm to 140cm. There is a continuous running conveyor system in the tunnel. When food is baked, food is produced relative motion between the heating element or the direct burning rod by conveying the chain plate, the steel strip or the net belt. To complete the uniform baking and conveying work. This type of oven can be continuous production, high production efficiency, save manpower, baking quality and stability. The tunnel furnace is mainly used in industrialized production of food enterprises, with large quantities of continuous or intermittent baking as a feature. Usually rated power input >24kw, operated by a full-time staff.

Generally according to different heat sources, there are electric tunnel furnace, gas tunnel furnace or natural gas tunnel furnace. Manufacturers can be customized according to the production capacity of the tunnel furnace arbitrary length and width. Scope of Use: bread (staple bread, conditioning bread, etc.), cakes, biscuits, snacks, egg binglang, mooncakes and so on. The tunnel furnace is a large equipment for continuous baking and can be equipped with production line operations. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, labor saving and stable baking quality.

According to the different baking time requirements of various products, the intelligent control system can be implemented by PLC. Drive variable frequency speed regulation, can realize stepless speed change. And can be stored in more than 15 sets of parameters, to achieve automated operation.