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The Development Of Natural Gas Tunnel Furnace Equipment Industry Enters The Adjustment Period

- Jan 11, 2018 -

At present, the development of natural gas tunnel furnace has encountered bottlenecks and other problems, coupled with the transformation of enterprises to cope with economic trends, China's natural gas tunnel furnace production are mainly middle and low, high-tech core technology is still relying on the introduction of foreign technology, virtually product costs, and a lot of food value-added lower, Makes this kind of high price equipment very difficult to obtain the widespread application.

According to the relevant market research center, although in recent years domestic natural gas tunnel furnace enterprises to develop rapidly, but still can not meet the huge demand for food processing. At present, the natural gas tunnel furnace has entered the development period of structural adjustment. More needs of the natural gas tunnel furnace manufacturers fully cooperate with the various inputs of technical force, combined with the actual situation in China to produce more in line with China's food processing equipment. And local government departments also attach great importance to the processing of agricultural products and food processing industry, which also for the natural gas tunnel furnace manufacturers to create a good policy environment and market environment.

Natural gas tunnel furnace has been increasing investment in technology research and development, strive to design and produce more efficient natural gas tunnel furnace, and in the repeated testing of various materials on the safety of food problems, speed up the transformation of natural gas tunnel furnace to promote the steady and healthy development of natural gas tunnel furnace industry, the maximum protection of natural gas tunnel production operation safety.

From the current situation of gas tunnel furnace industry market development and investment prospects of the forecast report that in recent years, China's infrastructure has been increasing, the corresponding resource consumption, emissions of pollutants and machinery and equipment generated by noise impact on the environment more and more. According to the present situation, China's natural gas tunnel furnace enterprises must seize the opportunity to speed up technology updates, take energy-saving green development path, and strive for future development to seize the initiative.