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The Birth Of Sliced Bread: Cutting A Delicious History

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What words do you use when you want to describe something new and interesting? Americans tend to use a very lovely slang phrase: "This is the best invention since sliced bread!"

In fact, the history of sliced bread is not very long, flexor count to also but hundred years. So, how charming it is, can walk into the tens of thousands of people, but also often on the lips of a "best invention"?

The birth of a difficult

The origin of bread is probably just a beautiful mistake. More than 6,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians had learned to use wheat flour and water to knead dough, into the earthen kiln baked into bread. Instead of the chef who stole a lazy, let the dough in the warm and humid air for a long time, the air of wild yeast into the dough, and produce carbon dioxide, the dough propped up fluffy soft. This is the earliest bread.

Bread is probably one of the most convenient staple food, not like noodles and rice need to do now eat, bread can be put out after a few days, at any time cut out a few pieces, with a little meat vegetables, it is enough to feed. 18th century, the sandwiches turned out and swept the United States in 19th century. As the protagonist of a sandwich, the status of sliced bread is more distinguished.

However, when the bakery did not sell sliced bread, housewives could only buy back the whole loaf of bread and slice it themselves. In order to cater to popular tastes, commercially produced bread is often made of much more water and softness, requiring extremely sharp jagged knives and superb craftsmanship to slice it. Even so, hand-cut slices of bread will be uneven, the sandwich is not too zheng, cutting bread so that the housewives are the most headaches of a task.