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Oven Definition And Use Manual

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Oven shell is generally made of thin steel plate, surface paint, the studio using high-quality structural steel production. The shell is filled with aluminum silicate fiber between the studio. The heater is mounted at the bottom and can also be positioned on top or sides. The temperature control instrument uses the digital display intelligent meter, the PID adjusts: Configures 999.99 hour time controller and is connected with the alarm device. Make the operation of the oven more simple, fast and effective.

1. Before use must pay attention to the use of power supply voltage can meet. When applied, the grounding wire of the power outlet must be grounded according to the rules.

2. In the use of electricity, should not touch the left side of the box with the hands of the electrical parts or wipe with a damp cloth and water rinse, the test should be power cut off.

3. The power cord can not be wrapped in metal, can not be set at low temperature or moist central, to avoid rubber aging caused by leakage.

4. Placing the items in the box should not be crowded, must set aside the atmosphere of natural convection space, so that the moist atmosphere in the wind on the roof to slow down escape.

5. Should demand reflect the temperature conditioner silver contact can be creepy or uneven, if there is, the use of fine gauze will contact the sand after the use, and should often wipe clean cloth, so that the contact fine (attention must be cut off power). The metal pipe of the indoor temperature conditioner should not be hit to avoid the effect of flexibility.

6. Do not put flammable articles in the dry box without explosion-proof installation.

7. After each use, must be cut off the power supply, often keep the inside and outside the box clean.