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Display Cabinet

- Jan 11, 2018 -

A display cabinet, a shelf designed to display goods, samples, products, or other items that require display. Many varieties, the use of a wide range of human activities in any place, can see a variety of display cabinets.  Usually in every supermarket or store will have to see the simple kind, commonly known as shelves. From the literal understanding, the display Ark is the commodity is listed, the fancy can take away. There are some differences with the display cabinet, that is, display cabinet from the literal understanding, is to display samples, consumers are looking for samples, generally can not take away samples. In fact, in daily life, the connotations of these two forms of address are almost the same.

Very wide, for example, mainly applicable to, education, medical, and other institutions of the results or material display.

The classification of display cabinets is troublesome because it is too thin and involves all walks of life. I am here to provide a Chinese classification method. According to functional classification, display cabinets are undoubtedly a column of functions. Injection

1, shelf: generally known as shelves. It's just an item that displays goods. There is no light box, can not be used as a brand promotion, or reflect the commodity brand of simple containers. For example, the supermarket put casual food, stationery and other shelves are more like this. This showcase is simple to manufacture and widely applicable.

2, Showcase: the generic showcase. This is a light box with a display of goods and corporate image of the shelves. In the supermarket can see some brands will use some of their own corporate logo display cabinets. These display cabinets are generally not more complex to make, and they are not mutually common, though they are common, given the color and design of corporate branding.

3, freezer cabinets, fresh cabinets: Generally known as freezer cabinets, fresh cabinets. is a refrigerated, refrigerated display cabinets, showing a number of special needs of the temperature requirements of products, such as milk, frozen food, ice cream, ice cream, drinks and so on. The production of this display cabinet requires a strong technical expertise, usually only professional factory can do this display cabinet.