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Definition And Characteristics Of Electric Baking Disk

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Electric baking pan is a modern popular smoke-free non-stick pot of barbecue equipment at the same time also has multi-purpose, such as flat plate fried rice, veneer skin, fried steak dumplings for the purpose, not limited to barbecue single use, can also be used to do mutton kebabs, barbecue and so on. Electric baking pan, the electric baking pan negative enclosure body, electric components, electric components rack, sockets, thermostat, temperature layer and backplane, its characteristics are set in the body of a heating element racks, electric components installed in the heating element racks, in the electric components of the top set up a plate coated with non-stick coating of the tray, of which the electric baking plate to no fume, No pollution to the product is popular.

Today's popular barbecue delicious, in the past barbecue at the same time there will be a large number of smoke, the characteristics of its smoke for today's business development grade hierarchy, has not been satisfied. Slowly develop this smokeless electric baking pan, it is the largest feature of this is a smoke-free non-stick, it can not adhere to the characteristics of smoke-free and its unique characteristics can be made flat plate fried rice can be satisfied with the barbecue can also cook, electric baking plate slowly also by more young white-collar workers and beauty of the housewives are favored.


1. Intelligent temperature Control automatic insulation function: can maintain the temperature of food, and also protect the product to prevent excessive dry burning

2. Functional characteristics of electric baking pan It has a smoke-free barbecue, but also can fry, Fry, branded functions

3. Non-stick electric baking pan is coated with non-stick coating tray It is not sticky smokeless characteristics, at the same time suitable for commercial use of domestic