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Considerations For Electric Baking Pans

- Jan 11, 2018 -

In use

1: This product is a person guarding equipment. When heating, it is strictly prohibited to touch the bottom of the pot with hands to avoid burns. Do not let children touch.

2: In the use of metal in the flat plate can not be used to stir the need to use nylon shovel or bamboo wood can be.

3: The power plug is not allowed to insert a single three-hole socket with grounding protection.

4: The use of power must be consistent with the technical specifications of the factory.

5: In order to ensure the safety of products and life, this product is equipped with security limiting temperature device (thermostat), the use of overheating will automatically cut off the power supply, when the pot temperature automatically to the operating temperature, the indicator light, back to normal.

6: Correct placement: On a smooth desktop or Taiwan case, pay attention not to proximity to fire and flammable materials.

7: The power switch place must not have the influent condition.

8: Flat plate inside when there is water inside barbecue oil will splash, please barbecue at the same time pay attention to safety.

9: This product when not in use, be sure to cut off the power.


1: Electric baking disk in the cleaning of the first unplug the power cord, into the water can be cleaned, this section of the overall body is waterproof design need not worry.

2: Remember not to clean the ball and other hard cleaning tools to clean the surface to avoid scratching non-stick coating.

3: Wash the disk body must dry the inbox preservation.