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Brief Introduction Of Oven Structure And Temperature Control System

- Jan 11, 2018 -

FR-1210 Precision oven (precision drying box) produces stainless steel heating pipe after heating, after high efficiency centrifugal fan using air flow heat pipe to the thermal tube inside the studio,

In the work room with the baked goods for heat exchange, to achieve the purpose of baking or drying.

Structure Profile Edit

1, the test box design is perfect, the box adopts the numerical Control machine tool processing molding, the operation is easy;

2, with double glass observation window for the observation of the status of the studio;

3, the inner liner for high-quality mirror stainless steel plate, shell for A3 plate spray treatment, more smooth, beautiful;

4, the circuit system side using door-type open, convenient maintenance and overhaul;

5, the Air supply system uses the low noise, the long life, the air conditioner type American import wind turbine, the wind wheel is the multi-wing centrifugal wind vane. The hot air circulation system is composed of a fan which can operate continuously at high temperature and a suitable air duct. The temperature of the work room is uniform.

Temperature controller adopts touch button, digital LED display, P · I D Intelligent Control Instrument

Accuracy: 0.1 ℃ (display range);

Sensing temperature sensor: PT100 Platinum resistance tester;

Control mode: Heat balance temperature regulation mode.