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Automatic Commercial Mixer Pioneering Artifact Opens Kitchen New Era

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Hand and dough are uneven mixing, hand acid numbness, powerless, such as some of the problems, fully automatic mixing solve this problem, the machine using imitation manual and surface manipulation, stirring strong, and can evenly achieve the film effect, with baking secret artifact, quick to play an abundance of exquisite effect, making soft West Point, do not destroy food shape, Stir evenly, keep the taste, make delicious everywhere.

Product Features

1, easy and save time and labor saving labor: automatic mixer Farewell to hand and face uneven, hand acid numbness problem, greatly save dough and time, easy to make a variety of delicious.

2, the planetary trajectory reduction inch strength taste comparable to manual; Fully automatic mixer combined with the planetary revolution and rotation of the park, to carry out multi-directional mixing, ingredients stirring evenly, heritage manual six techniques, from turning, turning, rubbing, rubbing, pull, twist, six manual steps are all integrated into the taste of handmade kneading.

Three major production experts make excellent taste

1, dough production experts-irregular and hook: irregular and hook using imitation artificial and the first, stirring strong, and can evenly achieve the film effect, and hook suitable for the production of high-density food.

2, pass the expert-the stainless steel egg cage: Stainless steel egg cage as the secret artifact of baking, rapid abundance exquisite effect, making soft West Point, so that delicious everywhere.

3, harmonic mixing expert-herringbone stirring paddle: herringbone agitator design, full mix of ingredients, do not destroy food shape, stirring evenly, to maintain taste.