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Household oven classification

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Household ovens are divided into desktop small oven and embedded oven two kinds.

Desktop Small oven

The advantages of a desktop oven are very flexible, can be selected according to the needs of different configurations of the oven, due to the quality, configuration of different, price from hundreds of to thousands of yuan, foreign brands are usually more expensive, and domestic products cost-effective is relatively high, many foreign brands are also in the domestic OEM. It is recommended to choose a model with "Non-stick oil", which is more clean in the long term.

Embedded oven

The other is an embedded oven, which is the upgrade and ultimate version of the small oven. Because of its large power, baking speed, good sealing (generally using rubber pad seal), heat insulation good (three layer tempered glass insulation), temperature control accuracy, by more and more people's favorite. At the same time because of the health of the 2007-2013 pursuit of food outside the cake shop due to excessive additives, more and more middle-class families have noticed the problem, began to eat their own baked food. 2013 household embedded oven prices are relatively high, the general import in seven thousand or eight thousand million, domestic brands are also around seven thousand or eight thousand (fotile), because the civilian route to a higher quality (its products have been exported to Europe) sales have been very good.